Gift Wrapping ideas

Sometimes the most memorable part of the gift you give is the creative way in which you wrap it up. The care with which you wrap the gift signifies to the recipient that they are significant to you and that you cared enough to make the extraordinary effort of a beautiful gift wrapping presentation. Here are a few unique gifts wrapping ideas to try.

 Gift Bag Do’s and Don’ts

Today gift bags are trendy and are a great idea. Gift bags come in all shapes and colors, but the best part is that they can be reused again and again. When reusing a gift bag, though, be careful to make sure it is in good shape. No one appreciates a torn or tattered gift bag that looks like it has been through many hands! Take the time to make sure it looks new. Check that the little gift tag that is usually attached to the string of the gift bag has been removed if it has been written on it. Giving a gift bag and seeing the recipient discover that it was from your mother to you is always an embarrassment! Finally, make sure that the tissue paper you use with the gift bag looks fresh and new. Tissue paper is cheap, so invest in lots of colors. It will make your gift bag look tremendous and delight the receiver.

 Try different materials to use for wrapping paper.

When wrapping up a box or other item, think about ideas besides the traditional wrapping paper. Find impressive old rolls of wallpaper than are much cheaper than wrapping paper and try using them. Their thickness and texture make them enjoyable for something different in gift wrapping. Generally, tape won’t stick to wallpaper, so you will have to use ribbons, cord, or even a glue gun to keep the edges shut.

Are you giving a kitchen item? A great gift wrapping idea is wrapping it up with a colorful tea towel or kitchen towel. Gather the ends of the cloth together and tie with a string or elastic band and then use some colorful plastic pot scrubbers as a bow. If you are giving a baby gift, you can use the same idea with a receiving or other baby blanket. And then use pacifiers or baby booties tied on as a bow!

 Don’t be afraid to experiment with different gift wrapping ideas.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with gift wrapping ideas, either. I received a wonderful looking gift that was completely covered in newspaper, then set off with a colorful red cord. If you have access to evergreen trees or garden flowers, then use sprigs of those instead of ribbons and bows. 

Try using brown or white butcher paper plain with ribbons, bows, or other gathered items or decorate the paper yourself. If you have children, another excellent wrapping idea is to let them make colorful handprints on rolls of paper. When dry, roll it up and use it for birthday party gifts. Try using potato stamps on plain paper as well. The only limit is your imagination. 

Remember, whatever gift you give, be sure to take the extra step and spend a few minutes making it ‘extra’ special with some new creative wrapping ideas! 

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